Can you afford a cheap imported excavator bucket or attachment?

quality excavator attachments

Here’s what you need to know about cheap imported excavator buckets and other attachments

Australian excavator operators have always been used to high quality Australian-made excavator buckets and attachments. But with certain local suppliers of buckets and attachments now sourcing their products overseas, that’s changing.

Thanks to lower overseas manufacturing costs, imported excavator attachments can be cheaper to buy than Australian-made buckets and attachments. But do they stack up in terms of quality — and on the REAL value to your business as a plant operator? 

As a business person, you’ll know there’s a lot of truth in the saying, “you get what you pay for.” And while not all imported excavator buckets and attachments are of low quality, the number of substandard imported products is increasing.

At OZ Excavator Buckets, we believe you shouldn’t compromise the quality of your excavator attachments simply by opting for the cheapest available product. So if you are considering a cheap imported excavator or backhoe attachment, make sure you won’t regret your choice by considering:

quality excavator attachments1. Quality of excavator attachment materials

Steel quality

How does the quality of steel used in an imported bucket or attachment measure up? As an Australian manufacturer, OZ Excavator Buckets use high quality steel to manufacture our excavator attachments. Can a cheaper imported version compete?

Steel grades

Blades, side cutters and all other cutting edges on excavator attachments need to be manufactured from Grade 400 or similar hard steel, while other attachment parts can be made from Grade 250 or similar mild steel.

Imported buckets with ground engaging parts made from a lesser grade steel simply won’t last very long – and may even fail under load. So it’s important to be certain an imported bucket is manufactured with the correct grade of steel.

Steel thickness

The different parts of an excavator attachment all have different minimum steel thickness requirements. Can you be sure all the steel parts of an imported attachment are the correct thickness?

2. Weld quality

Poor welding is a sure sign of the overall poor quality of an excavator attachment. You don’t have to be an expert to judge welding quality – but if you’re in doubt, it’s a good idea to have a qualified welder check the workmanship for you.

3. Excavator attachment design

Perhaps the most important factor affecting the overall strength and durability of an excavator attachment is its design. Different working conditions call for different design criteria – so is a cheap imported attachment designed to cope with Australian conditions?

Poorly designed bucket profiles will result in inefficient digging, in turn having a negative effect on production and increasing your operating costs.

And can you be sure the attachment profile – its shape and/or capacity – matches your other attachments? If it doesn’t, you could face problems trying to fit your buckets into each other for transport.

think twice about cheap imported excavator buckets4. Who’s making your excavator attachment?

When you’re thinking about sourcing excavator attachments from overseas, ask yourself:

  • Does the imported attachment supplier provide an acceptable product warranty?
  • Can the supplier replace or repair a damaged attachment in a short turnaround time?
  • Can the imported bucket supplier guarantee short turnaround times for new custom-made excavator attachments, or do they simply supply standard size attachments?

…or would you be better off with a local excavator attachment manufacturer such as OZ Excavator Buckets, who offer fast turnaround, local support, and expert advice?

5. Assess the true price

When you’re weighing up the cost of an imported attachment, consider: is the cheap, imported, low quality attachment really more cost-effective than a quality Australian manufactured excavator bucket?

For example, ongoing downtime costs due to failure of low quality attachments can quickly outweigh the initial savings.

And if you’re buying a good quality new excavator or backhoe, why would you accept a cheap, low quality imported attachment? The difference in price between a new earthmoving machine with quality attachments, and the same machine purchased with imported excavator attachments, is negligible.

Always remember: the ongoing problems and disappointment caused by poor quality excavator attachments will long outlast the initial satisfaction of a bargain price attachment.

For more than 17 years, OZ Excavator Buckets have supplied the highest quality excavator attachments to Australian operators. To see the difference for yourself, get a Quick Quote now or call us on 1300 246 009 today.