Easy industry finance for excavator or backhoe attachments

Why pay cash for your next bucket or attachment?

Industry finance from OZ Excavator Buckets

It’s a situation we see regularly at OZ Excavator Buckets. You need another excavator bucket for your current or next job, but cash flow is tight and you simply can’t afford to outlay capital for a new high quality excavator bucket.

But without a new excavator attachment, you’ll either miss out on the job or have to work with the attachments you have on hand – which may not be the most efficient way of operating. Either way, it’s a situation that will end up costing you money through inefficiency and lost business.

At OZ Excavator Buckets, we’ve come up with the solution.

Easy industry finance on quality excavator attachmentsSpecialist finance for purchasing excavator attachments

If you urgently need an excavator bucket or any other attachment, OZ Excavator Buckets can now offer you industry finance options from QPF Finance Group, a family owned and operated finance broker that specialises in the construction industry.

The QPF team are well experienced in assisting earthmoving businesses with securing the best available finance packages for excavator attachments.

Repayment terms are very easy, and are designed to give you quality excavator attachments and buckets without putting your cash flow under any further pressure. For example, an excavator bucket costing approximately $5,000 can be financed over 3 to 5 years with repayments of approximately:

  • $36 per week over 3 years
  • $28 per week over 4 years
  • $24 per week over 5 years


Please note that these excavator attachment finance repayments are estimates only, based on May 2015 interest rates. To see more accurate current repayment amounts for your situation, visit our finance page here.

A quality alternative to cheap imported excavator buckets

We’ve recently taken an in-depth look at the differences between cheap, low quality buckets and high quality attachments. To find out more, visit our blog here.

Don’t waste your hard earned cash on cheap, low quality imported excavator attachments! With OZ Excavator Buckets’ finance options for purchasing attachments, you can afford to invest in high quality excavator attachments that will last you a long time, right now.

Click here to find out more or call us on 1300 246 009 for more information on excavator attachment finance. Our friendly team are here to help.