Be set for ANY job and save $$$!

Buying excavator attachments in sets makes perfect sense.

Thanks to OZ Excavator Buckets’ special ‘sets’ discount, not only will you be ready for any job that comes your way, but you will get an unbeatable deal when you buy three or more attachments.

You can choose any combination of attachments for any machine including:

  • Rippers
  • Mud Buckets
  • General Purpose Buckets
  • Tilt Buckets
  • Half Hitch Buckets
  • And many more!

Talk to us today about your attachment requirements and our experienced team will help you choose the perfect excavator attachment set… at the right price!

Just contact Paul or Michelle on 1300 246 009.

Group of buckets

Excavator and Backhoe Buckets and Attachments

OZ Excavator Buckets is an Australian steel manufacturing company. We are a leading national supplier of excavation equipment, buckets and other excavation attachments for backhoes and excavators. We are known for our reliability and capacity to deliver high quality excavation equipment and attachments at competitive prices with fast turnaround. Our mission is to provide a flexible, yet reliable service – with high quality products to match. Get in touch with us today for all your excavation equipment requirements.  

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