Introducing our newest OZ Excavator Buckets team member

Paul Burns and Chris Low from OZ Excavator Buckets
Paul Burns (L) and Chris Low (R) head up OZ Excavator Buckets’ customer service team.

There’s a new member of the OZ Excavator Buckets customer service team – and chances are he’ll be heading your way very soon.

Chris Low is our new Business Development Manager, giving our clients the answers they need for any technical, sales, or product question about our excavator and backhoe attachments. 

Along with our Sales Manager Paul Burns, Chris is focused on continuing to deliver outstanding service to OZ Excavator Buckets’ customers.

With responsibility for our clients right across Australia, he’ll be kept very busy!

A passion for customer service

Chris joins us with extensive experience in the mining industry and excavator attachment supply. With over 25 years in mining and industrial sales, he is well placed to understand and meet the needs of our clients.

Business owner Pete Theron said, “I’m very pleased to welcome Chris to OZ Excavator Buckets. He has plenty of the right kind of customer service experience. He knows what our clients expect – and he’ll deliver.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining the OZ Buckets team,” Chris said. “Who wouldn’t want to represent high quality products, delivered by a team whose client service* is consistently top notch?”

A new resource for our clients

Chris is already on the road, bringing OZ Excavator Buckets’ great customer service to our clients in person.

Whatever you need – whether it’s advice on buying the right OZ Buckets product; solving a problem with a bucket bought elsewhere; or help with matching the right excavator attachment to your machine, Chris is here to help.

“The great thing about this role is the variety,” Chris says. “Not only do I get to travel across the country, I get to speak to all our clients, large and small. Every one has different challenges to meet – and OZ Excavator Buckets is well placed to do so.”

Got a question? Get in touch with Chris today

As a valued OZ Excavator Buckets client, Chris Low will be delighted to hear from you. For expert product advice, assistance, or indiscriminate tips for the World Cup, call Chris on 0401 220 798 or email chris(at)

*In a recent survey:

96% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ service in the top 2 categories: ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’. 

83% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ product quality in the top 2 categories: ‘Very High’ or ‘High’.