Superior hydraulic quick hitches

The right choice for your dealership

As an excavator dealership, you aim to deliver your customers efficiency, safety, and reliability – every time.

That’s exactly what OZ Excavator Buckets’ hydraulic quick hitches offer you.

Engineered for safety and durability, they’re fully equipped to meet the rigorous standards you set for your entire product range.

Supply your machines complete with our hydraulic hitches, and your customers will benefit from the way they’re:

Designed for safety

Our hitches come complete with many safety design features, including:

Auto-lock with double locking mechanism – already mandatory in NSW, this important safety feature will be rolling out Australia-wide shortly.

Independent mechanical locking tabs on both pins – meaning the bucket cannot accidentally release if a hose breaks, or if there’s an unexpected drop in hydraulic pressure.

Safe detachment positioning – ensures a bucket can only detach when the excavator is in the safest position, avoiding the risk of a bucket being dangerously detached.

Front and rear visual indicators – let the operator clearly see when the bucket is locked on and properly engaged from the cab of the machine.

Compliant with Australian Standards

Our hitches meet AS4772-2008 and NSW WorkCover & WorkSafe regulations. You can recommend them to your customers with confidence, knowing you’re giving them the equipment they need to do the job safely.

High quality, engineered to last

Thanks to their lightweight design and fabricated (not cast) construction, our high quality hitches are built to give your customers years of trouble-free service.


OZ Excavator Buckets can supply our hitches in all brand colours, ensuring your machines will leave the dealership looking like a seamless complete package.

And thanks to their advanced multi-coupler design, they can easily pick up most excavator attachments in the same class. 

Full featured hydraulic hitches

Along with their durable high-strength steel construction, OZ Excavator Buckets’ hitches are supplied complete with dipper pins and SWL Certificated lifting eye.

Provide the superior hitch your customers require

OZ Excavator Buckets can provide the complete range of hydraulic quick hitches to suit your excavators.

For more information, contact OZ Excavator Buckets on 1300 246 009 or fill out the form to the right.

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