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By using OZ Excavator Buckets attachments, we can protect our reputation as a dealer in quality equipment!

David Morrison at D&L Morrison Machinery Sales started doing business with OZ Excavator Buckets in 2001, and hasn’t looked back.

“We are the New Holland Construction and Kobelco agent for Tasmania — so we deal with both new models, and second-hand machinery for other brands,” said David.

“We rely on OZ Excavator Buckets for the supply of buckets for new equipment, and we do a lot of additional bucket purchases for customers too. If someone calls us wanting a bucket, we always call on Pete from OZ.”

High quality buckets and attachments

Poor-quality buckets can sometimes break within 2 to 3 months, but OZ Excavator Buckets’ attachments really last the distance. As David explains: “Their quality is really good, and this is important to me because I only want to sell our customers the best.

“Put simply, by using OZ Excavator Buckets for our buckets, we can protect our reputation as a dealer in quality construction equipment. Clearly, the team at OZ Excavator Buckets work hard on their business and products, so they can supply to their customers with absolute confidence

“They’ll also custom make something for you. Whether it’s a bolt on cutting edge or extra wear strips, they’ll do it. They are very adaptable.”

Fast turnaround, Australia-wide

Turn around time is great. Pete’s staff are really good to deal with, and Pete will always stand by you if you have any issues.

“He even puts his customers from our area who need earthmoving equipment in contact with us! So we have a good two-way relationship.”

OZ Excavator Buckets gets the job done

“OZ Excavator Buckets understands our customers, and how to make the attachments they need to get the job done. I’d recommend them to anyone”

If you are interested in high-quality buckets and attachments, contact OZ Excavator Buckets on 1300 246 009.

For more information about D&L Morrison Machinery Sales, please click here.

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