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Half Hitches or Hydraulic Hitches – Which Quick Hitch is Best for YOUR Excavator?

The quick hitch that you select for your excavator or backhoe will be your workhorse, so it’s vital you pick the right one. When choosing which hitch is best for your machine, you have to consider the type of jobs you work on most often.

Half Hitches

If you use the same bucket for many jobs then the half hitch may be the best option for your excavator. All our half hitches are custom made, so the pickup configuration is specifically designed to suit your machine and attachments. We can build half hitches to suit any machine up to 20.0 tonne. Considerably lower in price than the hydraulic hitch, the half hitch also has an extremely fast manufacturing turnaround.

Hydraulic Hitches

Does your work involve frequent bucket changes? Do you find yourself wasting lots of time changing attachments manually? If so, a hydraulic hitch will make the process considerably easier. Our hydraulic hitches are made from the highest quality steel and heavy-duty rams and comply with all required safety regulations.

Fast Turnaround? Absolutely!

You need to keep your excavator working, which is why we make it our mission to get our custom-made excavator hitches to you as soon as we can. With our half hitches we offer our usual fast manufacturing turnaround, however due to the complex nature of the hydraulic hitches the turnaround on these is between 6 to 8 weeks.

If you aren’t sure about which type of quick hitch is best for your excavator or backhoe, call and chat to one of our team. If you know which hitch you need and have your pickup measurements available, you can order your quick hitch over the phone, or by downloading the print order form on our website.

Please go to our website www.ozbuckets.com.au; for more information on our complete range of hitches.

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