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How to measure excavator or backhoe pickup measurements correctly

Your step-by-step guide

When you’re ordering a new attachment for your excavator or backhoe, it’s very important that you supply the correct excavator pickup measurements to the attachment manufacturer. If these measurements are incorrect, the attachment will not fit your backhoe or excavator – and rectifying this problem will be at a high cost to you as the excavator owner. You may also experience costly machine downtime in the absence of the correct excavator or backhoe attachment.

For these reasons, you’ll find most attachment manufacturers will request that you confirm bucket pickup measurements in writing at the time of order. The good news is that getting it right is not hard – if you follow our handy steps below. 

Tools you will need:

  • Vernier caliper
  • Measuring tape or steel ruler

Measurements can be in millimetres or inches, depending on the make and model of your excavator or backhoe.

The five important pickup measurements

A: Diameter of front pin (pin closest to the machine)

B: Diameter of rear pin (pin furthest away from the machine)

NB: In most cases A = B, but in some cases they may be different

C: Distance between pin centres

D: Minimum measurement between front ear bosses*

E: Minimum distance between rear ear bosses*

NB: In most cases D = E, but in some cases they may be different

*If there are no bosses on the inside of the ears, measure the distance between ears.

How to measure your pickup points

  1. Measure pin diameter: A & B

Using a Vernier caliper*, measure the outside diameter of the pins.

*A tape measure or steel ruler can be used, but this is not the most accurate method.

  1. Measure distance between pin centres: C

Using a Vernier caliper, steel ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between pin centres.

  1. Measure distance between ears: D & E

Use a Vernier caliper, steel ruler or tape measure for this measurement.

a. With bosses on inside of ear: Measure from the inside of one boss to the inside of the other boss, or

b. Without bosses on inside of ear: Measure from the inside of one ear to the inside of the other ear.

Another helpful guide from OZ Excavator Buckets, your excavator and backhoe attachment supplier. Call us on 1300 246 009 if we can help with your pickup measurements or any other attachment related matter.

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