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ID tags for excavator attachments

When you’re working on a busy construction site, it’s not always easy to identify your excavator or backhoe attachments. In fact, keeping track of where your attachments are at any given moment is always a challenge.

While excavators and other major plant are relatively easy to manage, keeping track of buckets and other attachments is not always so straightforward. So it’s important that you have a system in place to monitor the whereabouts of your valuable investments. 

How to keep track of your excavator attachments on site

OZ Excavator Buckets can now help you easily identify excavator attachments by manufacturing and fitting ID tags for every attachment you order. What’s more, we’ve made the process simple and affordable.

On your next purchase order, simply include the ID number of every bucket or attachment for which you require an identification tag. We’ll plasma cut the tags out of steel and securely weld them on to your new attachment. And they’re not just for new excavator or backhoe attachments – OZ Excavator Buckets can also supply ID tags for attachments you already own.


Talk to us about fitting ID tags to your attachments

With the help of ID tags from OZ Excavator Buckets for your backhoe and excavator attachments, you can keep track of your valued investments and ensure your job runs more smoothly.

Another helpful service from OZ Excavator Buckets Pty Ltd, your excavator and backhoe attachment supplier. Call us on 1300 246 009 if you require any further information on the ID tags for your excavator bucket, or any other attachment related matter.

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