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Need an auger head bracket or hammer head bracket?

Here’s our top tips for choosing the right auger or hammer head bracket for your needs

A good quality excavator auger or hammer head bracket will improve the productivity and performance of your earthmoving business.

1. Proper bracket construction

Ensure your head brackets have a heavy-duty robust construction and generous design necessary for strength and durability.

2. Manufactured from high strength steel

Head brackets manufactured from high strength steel will perform better under tough conditions and enjoy a longer lifespan.

3. OH&S compliant

For complete peace of mind and to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, every head bracket used on your earthmoving equipment should be manufactured to comply with OH&S requirements.

4. Heavy-duty base plate

The head bracket base plate provides strength to the hammer from the ears. Be sure to select a head bracket where the base plate is sufficiently robust to provide the strength required by your application.

5. Performance specification of excavator

A reputable head bracket supplier/manufacturer will stock a wide range of brackets. Be sure to select one that matches the performance specifications of the excavator and the demands of your application.For more demanding or unique applications, you might consider a special build that takes into account the size and weight of your hammer or Auger, and the capacity of the machine to design the right head bracket for your specific job.

With careful selection of your head bracket, you can significantly reduce downtime and service costs with a stronger, more robust bracket. Call the OZ Excavator Buckets team today on 1300 246 009 to find out more.

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