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OZ Excavator Buckets delivers fast service to Adelaide contractor

When Jeremy Goulder required a new trimming bucket for his company’s excavator, he was looking for a supplier who could get a bucket to him ASAP.With his business being based in Adelaide, he first tried calling around local suppliers; but it wasn’t until Jeremy reached out to OZ Excavator Buckets that he was able to find the speedy service he required.

OZ Excavator Buckets delivers FAST

“I called OZ Excavator Buckets on the Tuesday morning and the bucket reached me in Adelaide the following Thursday morning,” says Jeremy.

“Had I purchased from a supplier in Adelaide, I would have had to pay $500 more, and wait 10 days for it to be delivered,” Jeremy adds.

Customer takes priority

Jeremy’s company, JRBCH, is not large… but OZ Excavator Buckets made his order a priority.

“I noticed that when I came to pick the bucket up, it had been labeled with my company’s name and instructions to deliver the bucket to me as soon as possible,” says Jeremy.

“I could tell they had made every effort to help me out.”

Jeremy was also very happy to find that OZ Excavator Buckets shares in his passion for good service.

“I believe that if your business looks after people, they will come back — and it seems OZ Excavator Buckets understands this,” says Jeremy, “I called Michelle at OZ Excavator Buckets and told her to tell the boss how happy I was with their service, and that people do appreciate the hard yards they put in for their customers.”

Competitive work

After six years in the civil construction business, Jeremy understands how minimizing down-time is critical in the competitive market he that works in.

“There are plenty other contractors out there all competing for my contracts,” says Jeremy. “So I really feel the pressure to get a job done on time. That’s why I’ll be sure to use and recommend OZ Excavator Buckets again”.

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