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OZ Excavator Buckets finds a loyal supporter in Siteworx Machinery

Siteworx Machinery has been supplying and servicing new and used construction equipment for 10 years, with branches in Canberra and Wollongong. Each machine Siteworx Machinery stocks is personally selected and serviced — so the quality of the attachments they buy is of utmost importance.

When it came to choosing a supplier of GP buckets, mud buckets, tilt buckets, and compaction wheels (to name a few!), Ray at Siteworx Machinery chose OZ Excavator Buckets, and hasn’t looked back.

OZ Excavator Buckets delivers quality buckets and attachments, every time

“Pete at OZ Excavator Buckets is very friendly and helpful, and delivery is always prompt,” said Ray, “And the excellent quality of their products means that I can sell with confidence that I won’t have customers returning with problems. Once I’ve sold an OZ Excavator Bucket attachment to a client, I won’t hear back from them with complaints or issues — it certainly brings me peace of mind!

“You can get other buckets on the market, made with a poorer quality grade of steel that won’t go the distance, or some of the teeth and adapters break. But I know OZ Excavator Buckets’ products are always top-quality.

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“Even if you happen to have a problem with OZ Excavator Buckets, you won’t be facing an argument — they are always quick at rectifying any issues and keen to help out.”

Excellent service and advice

“Pete really has a good team,” says Ray, “I’ve been dealing with Mandy and Michelle for years now and we have never, ever, had one problem.

“Fast turnaround is really important for my business, and the people at OZ Excavator Buckets ensure that the order and dispatch process is as quick as possible.

“The ordering process is great. Once I’ve placed an order, Mandy at OZ Excavator Buckets will give us a call and ask a few specific questions — and she really knows what she’s doing. Mandy probably knows more about the buckets than I do!”

“At the end of the day, if it’s any testament, I’ve been dealing with them for 7 years and have never had a warranty claim from a customer. I really wouldn’t look anywhere else.”

Here at Oz Excavator Buckets, we pride ourselves on our quality buckets and attachments and excellent customer service. To find out more about what Oz Excavator Buckets has to offer, call 1300 246 009 or visit one of the pages above on our site.

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