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OZ Excavator Buckets fixes problem for Creasy’s Earthmoving, no questions asked

Alec Creasy, owner of Creasy’s Earthmoving, began using Excavator Buckets a few years ago when some machinery he bought came fitted with their buckets. And recently, when he had an issue with one of their products, the team at OZ Excavator Buckets went out of their way to fix it promptly — no questions asked.

Problem with servicing tilt bucket

“I ordered a 20 tonne tilt bucket,” explains Alec, “and I used it for a while with great results. However, greasing the main tilt head pin became a problem. It turned out that there was an issue with the grease channels in the main pin bushes — restricting grease getting to the main pin.

“I deal with machines a lot, so I understand that things sometimes go wrong… but the important test is how the company deals with the issue.

OZ Excavator Buckets goes the extra mile

“I got in touch with the team at OZ Excavator Buckets and they said they’d fix it — no problem. One of the guys there stayed late on a Friday night to sort it out for me. And when I got the tilt bucket back, they’d repaired it 100%.

“In fact, they’d even done a few extra jobs on the bucket, including turning the bolt on blade around to compensate for wear, replacing the bolts and adding hard facing to the cutting edge.
“I was delighted with the results.”

Quality tilt buckets and excellent service

“I use OZ Excavator Buckets because they provide high quality equipment at a reasonable price — and their service is good, too.

“When I had an issue they stepped right up and fixed it, which is really important and a good indication of the type of company they are. I’ve got no complaints about them, and will definitely buy excavator attachments from them again in the future.”


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