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The survey says – OZ Excavator Buckets provides great service!

At OZ Excavator Buckets, we’re focused on providing the best service to our customers at all times – and that applies to our prices, product quality, and turnaround times too.

So throughout August and September, we ran a comprehensive Customer Survey to find out exactly what our customers think of us, and where we can improve.

We emailed our survey to 1,790 of our customers, with the added incentive of the chance to win an Apple iPad Air for one lucky respondent. Here’s what we found.

Happy customers satisfied with OZ Excavator Buckets

We’re delighted to say that responses to our survey were overwhelmingly positive. In the five questions we asked, the results were:

96% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ service in the top 2 categories: ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’.

The entire OZ Excavator Buckets team are dedicated to high standards of customer service. So it was gratifying to find that the vast majority of our customers find this to be the case.

Some of the customer responses we received were:

  • “Very helpful and knowledgeable staff”
  • “Their staff are always friendly and very helpful and nothing is too much trouble”
  • “Quick, accurate, well priced and very very accommodating to custom requirements. Chris & Paul are outstanding”


77% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ prices in the top 2 categories: ‘Very Affordable’ or ‘Affordable’.

  • “Best price & still have quality”
  • “Built the best and very affordable”
  • “Excellent value for money when you compare apples to apples”


83% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ product quality in the top 2 categories: ‘Very High’ or ‘High’.

  • “Great pride in their product, always present a well-crafted bucket”
  • “My buckets are very hard wearing”
  • “Shape, welds and finish are good”


85% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ delivery in the top 2 categories: ‘Always efficient and on time’ or ‘Mostly efficient and on time’.

  • “In recent years never had a late delivery, always give ETA and fulfil the commitment”
  • “Best service I have ever come across”
  • “Always on time and huge savings”


79% of customers rated OZ Excavator Buckets’ order turnaround in the top 2 categories: ‘Very Fast’ or ‘Fast’.

  • “You supply and deliver products faster and more reasonably priced than I can purchase here in Townsville”
  • “Half the time of a rival manufacturer”
  • “No one can deliver as fast as OZ!”


Q6. What else can OZ Excavator Buckets do to give you better products and service?

  • “I find OZ Buckets a pleasure to deal with”
  • “Keep up the good friendly service”
  • “Nothing. Always been great to deal with on the phone and build very good buckets and grabs. Keep up the good work.”
  • “The service is top notch… thank you”


Stuart Gordon wins an Apple iPad Air

The lucky winner of OZ Excavator Buckets’ survey competition has been drawn. Stuart Gordon from Stuart Gordon Landscaping in NSW wins an Apple iPad Air for giving us his impressions of our service.

Stuart was delighted to hear the good news – if a little sceptical at first! He said, “You’re kidding me – 30 odd years in business and you actually win something! Unless you’re one of me mates having a crack at me…”

Stuart needed a sieve bucket for his landscaping business, and after searching online found that OZ Excavator Buckets had just what he needed. “I shopped around and OZ Buckets had the best deal. The site was easy to navigate, easy to use,” Stuart said.

“Definitely we’ll get some more stuff from you”. Thanks Stuart!

Experience our customer service with your next excavator attachment

Though we received a great response in our customer survey, the OZ Excavator Buckets team are always keen to improve our service as your excavator and backhoe attachment supplier.

The OZ Excavator Buckets service team would be delighted to speak with you about our quality excavator buckets and attachments. Let us know how we can help you by calling Paul on 1300 246 009 or Chris on 0401 220 798.

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