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Unleash Efficiency and Versatility with OZ Buckets’ General Purpose Buckets

When it comes to construction, having the right attachments can make all the difference. An attachment that has proven its worth in various tasks is the General Purpose Bucket. Whether it's digging, loading, or backfilling, these buckets are designed for multiple tasks, putting efficiency and durability right at your fingertips.  

OZ Buckets designs its general purpose bucket with a range of features that add value to your construction jobs. Below are five features and how they can enhance your experience.  

1. Short Tip Radius Design 
Efficiency is paramount in construction jobs. Our general purpose bucket is designed with a short tip radius that assists with efficient digging, filling, and bucket breakout force. This design feature enables you to do more in less time, increasing productivity. 
2. Designed with Hardened Steel 
When it comes to durability, nothing wears better than hardened steel. The General Purpose Bucket is designed with hardened steel that not only ensures longevity but also enhances the bucket's ability to handle heavy-duty tasks. 
3. Bolt-On Side Cutters 
For those who require additional functionality, the OZ Buckets design includes bolt holes for optional bolt-on side cutters. This means you can customise the bucket to fit your specific needs. 
4. Internal Strong Back 
The General Purpose Bucket features an internal strong back that limits flex to reduce metal fatigue. This design feature ensures that your bucket lasts longer and performs better. 
 5. One Piece Wear Side 
The wear side of the General Purpose Bucket is designed as one piece for longevity, enhancing the durability of your attachment. 

OZ Excavator Buckets’ General Purpose Bucket is a versatile and durable attachment that can greatly enhance your construction experience. With its unique features and design, it's a must-have attachment for every construction project. So, whether you're digging, loading, or backfilling, make your tasks easier and more efficient with a General Purpose Bucket. 

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